Outsourcing of labour is getting more and more popular. Reasons for this can be excessive labourcosts, or the need to focus on core competences
therefore buying expertise from a third party. Multi Metal can provide you in your needs by providing you a complete package according to your wishes.

When you have a temporary shortage of production capacity, Multi Metal can offer you a suitable solution. By this site you can get acquainted with the specialization and experience of Multi Metal.

We are pleased to show you our solutions. We are a reliable supplier of all turning and milling. Our focus lies on quality, futhermore we guarantee high quality products. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Due to our local ownership, we are very dedicated and have no incredible overhead. This results in the providing of a lower price product with high quality.

If you want to know more about this company, or want to receive a quote, please contact us by mail, fax, or phone. With this site you can get an impression about our company, and we try to provide you with an image of our knowledge, experience, and possibilities.